Ontimize Web Tools

An implemention of a set of utility tools for developing Ontimize Web applications.


Ontimize Web Tools module is stored in github where you can also see/add todos, bugs or feature requests in the issues section.


  npm install ontimize-web-ngx-tools

If you are using a seed application with no previous installed version of ‘ontimize-web-ngx-tools’ and you want to use it now you have to follow the next steps:

  • In your application routing modules make sure that you are using function callbacks in the ‘loadChildren’ properties, as seen here.
  • Download the necessary resources here.
  • Using the downloaded resources:
    • Replace your ‘config’ folder with ‘aot-config’.
      • Important: if you made some changes to your ‘config/index.ejs’ or ‘config/webpack-aot.config.js’ you should copy that changes into the new ‘aot-config’ correspondant files.
    • Replace your ‘tsconfig.aot.json’ with the downloaded file with the same name (also remember to copy your own changes, if they exists).
  • Delete the following files of your app (if they exists):
    • src/main-aot.ts
    • src/vendor-aot.ts
    • src/styles-aot.scss
  • In your ‘package.json’:
    • Delete your ‘webpack’ from ‘devDependencies’ (if exists)
    • Add ‘compression-webpack-plugin’ to ‘devDependencies
    • If it exists, run the ‘clean:aot’ script
    • Change the scripts object with the folliwing code (also remember to copy your own scripts)
      "scripts": {
        "ng": "ng",
        "start": "ng serve",
        "build": "ng build",
        "test": "ng test",
        "lint": "ng lint",
        "e2e": "ng e2e",
        "production": "ng build --aot=false --target -prod",
        "production-aot": "ontimize-web-ngx production-aot"



  production-aot  building AoT distribution version


  --href      index.html <base href=> value (default './')  [string]

  -h, --help  Show help                                     [boolean]